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Maa Sharda temple Maihar

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें.

Maihar Temple is a huge temple built on Trikut mountain in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh. Maihar temple is very beautiful and huge and everyone becomes happy to see its beauty. Devotees come here after crossing 1063 steps to see the Maa Sharda.

Maihar Temple of Satna is the only temple of Mother Sharda in the whole of India. This temple is known as the temple of Maa Sharda Devi. Here Goddess Kali, Shri Gaurishankar, Shri Kaal Bhairavi, Mata Khulmati, Lord Ganesha, Hanuman, Maa Jalpa are also worshiped along with the Maa Sharda. There is an ancient story behind it being called Maihar.

Such is the story that Mata Sati, the daughter of King Daksha wanted to marry Lord Shiva But King Daksha did not want this. Mata Sati married Shiva against her wish. Daksha did not consider Shiva as God. They considered him only as the guru of ghosts and aghoris.

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