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Chausath Yogini Temple Jabalpur

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें.

Jabalpur city of India is known for the sacred Narmada River and its ancient and beautiful temples. Here one can see a unique view of Hindu Sanskrit, hence this city is also called Sanskardhani. Chousath Yogini temple, an ancient temple depicting Indian Sanskrit, is an ancient and unique temple here. This temple is a 10th-century temple which was built during the Kalchuri dynasty. This is a huge temple of circular, hence it is also called the Golaki or Golki temple. This temple is a unique architectural piece of the Kalchuri period. The temple has statues of 64 Yoginis of the Hindu religion. These 64 Yoginis are considered to be the consorts of Goddess Durga and their form. There are many 64 Yogini temples in India but this temple of Jabalpur is different from all of them.

This temple is situated on a 70 feet high hill and this temple is situated near the world-famous place called Bhedaghat. In this temple, the idol of Lord Shankar and Goddess Parvati are seated in Nandi in the sanctum sanctorum. Later, there was the temple of Devi Nohla Devi who established the education center here. This Nohla Devi was a princess of the Chalukiya dynasty of South India who was married to King Devraj ji of the Kalchuri dynasty. Here the knowledge of Tantra Mantra, Vedic Mantra, and witchcraft was given, which people from all over the country and abroad used to come to learn.

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