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Gwarighat Jabalpur

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India’s beautiful and unique city Jabalpur is considered a religious and Hindu cultural place in the world. There are ancient and modern temples and religious places everywhere which make it a cultural and Hindu Sanskriti city. Similarly, a place that is known for Hindu Sanskriti and tradition of India, which is known as Gwarighat, is built in front of the sacred Narmada river in Jabalpur. Gwarighat is a famous ghat of Jabalpur which is also known as Gaurighat. This ghat built on the banks of river Narmada is very old. Gwarighat is made up of ghats which include Jalhari Ghat, Uma Ghat, Daroga Ghat, Sidh Ghat, and Khari Ghat, all the ghats have their own importance. This is a group of ghats, which is why there are many temples in each ghat like Shiva Ling and Shiva 12 Jyrtirling, lord Ganesh temple, goddess Durga temple, goddess Narmada temple, lord hanuman temple, and many other temples are there.

Many rituals like Narmada Puja, Mundan Sanskar, and death rites are performed at Gwari Ghat. This is one of the famous and peaceful tourist spots of Jabalpur. If you are planning to visit Jabalpur, then definitely keep this place on your list.

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