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Marble Rocks Jabalpur

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Bhedaghat of Jabalpur City of India is famous all over India and abroad for its beauty and the reason for its fame is the Marble Rock of Bhedaghat. Marble Rock is a group of 100-foot-high marble mountains that extend for 25 km. These huge marble rocks are extremely beautiful and meaningful, they are a blessing of nature that Jabalpur has. The sun’s rays are visible on these rocks, hence the view here looks even more amazing. The beauty of this place is amazing and everyone’s mind gets mesmerized after seeing it, because of this beauty it is famous in foreign countries also and people from abroad also come to see it.

Here you can also enjoy the pleasure of a boat ride. By sitting on the boat you can see the beautiful marble rock mountains and along with them, you can also see the beautiful river of this place gurgling and flowing in the water. Here you can enjoy a boat ride even at night and you can also see the unique sight of monkeys jumping from one end of the mountain to another. This place is called Monkey Jump.

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