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Bhedaghat Jabalpur ( Dhuandhar waterfall )

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Bhedaghat is known as a popular tourist place in India. It is located in Jabalpur City of Madhya Pradesh State and it is 20 km away from Jabalpur. This place is very famous for marble rock. This Beautiful rocks hill is 100 feet high and looks very beautiful to see.

These rocks are many colors. Somewhere else these rocks are pink, then they are seen in black and white and some in gray color. When they are seen in the moonlit night so they are looking very beautiful. You won’t be able to take your eyes off these.

This place is also known for its beautiful fall which is called Dhuandhar Water Falls. The Dhudhaar Falls is a beautiful sight to watch. Seeing this, everyone’s mind gets thrilled. It is a beautiful view of the Narmada River. If you want to enjoy the fountain and dhunadhar so you must come to bhedaghat. here is another tourist place to enjoy the name is “Chausath Yogini Temple”. This is a wonderful sacred place for devotees.

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