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Roopnath Dham, Bahoriband, Katni

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें.

Roopnath Dham is a tourist spot and religious place in Bahoriband Tehsil of Katni City. along with this, it is also an archaeological place. This place is very famous for its beautiful mountains and trees full of natural beauty and for waterfalls, ponds, and water pools. There is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva here which is built in the middle of the mountain and there is also a temple of Goddess Parvati, besides there is also a temple of Radha-Krishna and Ram Sita. Here Lord Shankar is known as Roopnatheswar and this place is also known by the same name. In the Roopnatheswar Temple, there is a Panchalingi idol of Lord Shiva, this idol is not found anywhere else in the whole world except here. This temple was built in ancient times. Along with being a religious place, it is also an area of ​​historical importance because the great Maurya emperor Ashoka also came here to propagate Buddhism. There is also a stone inscription of Emperor Ashoka here, on which 6 lines of lines are written in the Brahmi language of that time. The archaeological authorities have taken this rock article under their protection, Hindi translation of this article has also been done. The length of this inscription is 4.5 feet and the width is 1 foot.

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